Wilmington Jr. Seahawks Players Making an Impact On and Off The Ice

The Wilmington Jr. Seahawks have a lot to share both on and off the ice. The organization knows the importance of developing well-rounded hockey players which means they encourage their players to not only contribute positively while playing the game but also off the ice with their hobbies, activities, and participation within the community.

Sam Hipp is a player on the Wilmington Jr. Seahawks 12U AA Team. He has been described as a “favorite teammate” who brings good vibes and positivity to the locker room. In addition, he also brings good vibes off the ice as a surfer who has recently started his own photography business - a man of many talents! He started taking an online photography class last year and really upped his skills to take things to the next level. Although Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina isn’t known for its waves, Sam has found a way to capture all the beautiful things the area has to offer through his photography. Adding his own spin to the photography, he has started printing the photos on metal, a totally clever and unique idea. He has had quite the success selling these photos at local markets and even opened up an online store. Sam brings positivity to everything he does, whether it is to the game on the ice, in the locker room with his teammates, or off the ice bringing joy through photography. We love to see it! Check out his photos at http://www.HippBros.com.

Rush Cole, is another player on the Wilmington Jr. Seahawks 12U AA team who is playing goalie for the first time this season. Ever wonder how a player chooses to be goalie? It all started when Rush saw kids playing roller hockey while on a trip visiting his grandparents in Virginia Beach. Rush immediately knew he wanted to play ice hockey and became obsessed with the Carolina Hurricanes, watching Freddie Anderson and Pyotr Kochetkov. Rush would practice all the time at home and eventually started working with a coach (Coach Johnny) to help him hone and develop his skills. Rush worked extremely hard to get ready for tryouts, gave it his all, and earned himself a spot on the team! What does Rush have to say about his first time playing goalie? "It’s going amazing. I’ve been learning a bunch of new techniques from my coaches Keith and Dayn. Their encouragement has helped me come far as a good goaltender. My friend Asher is a goalie on my team and he has helped me and working together has been so much fun." The passion Rush has is undeniable and the willingness to continue to learn and improve is evident through his play. Rush is another player bringing positivity and good vibes to the game and in the locker room. Keep up the good work!