How many games does a team play per season?

9U-14U teams play a total of 16 games, while 15U-18U teams play a total of 20 games. This game count includes showcase games.

How many showcases does a team attend?

9U-14U teams attend 2 showcases per season, while 15U-18U teams attend 3 showcases. All teams attend their first showcase at the end of August. Most teams play 4 games per showcase with teams traveling from a long distance from the league footprint sometimes playing 5 or 6 games per showcase.

When and where are the showcases?

The first showcase for all teams is in late August. For the 2024-2025 season the first showcase will take place Friday, August 23 through Sunday, August 25. Teams will be notified of their other showcase date(s) in mid June when 9U-14U Diamond and 15U-18U schedule grids are sent out to the membership.

The August showcase is spread out among 15-20 venues stretching from Southern, CT / Westchester, NY to Eastern, PA. Exact locations will be sent to teams by the end of June once all teams are declared and divisions are formed.

The remaining showcases occur mostly in Southern, NJ and Eastern, PA. Teams will be notified of their exact venue and schedule approximately one month prior to the showcase.

How are teams placed into a divison?

Teams are self declared by each organization. The Diamond division is the top division and is the best placement for the stronger teams that want to compete against top competition. The Gold division is for average teams and the Silver division is for weaker, more beginning type teams.

What happens if a team is placed incorrectly?

As maximizing the number of competitive games is a main focus for the EJEPL, for all 9U-14U Gold and Silver teams, the August Showcase is not only comprised of league games but also acts as a parity event. Once teams finish the August Showcase they will be placed in Gold 1, Gold 2, Silver 1, or Silver 2 based on their August results. Scheduling for these teams will take place during the first two weeks of September.

If teams outside of these divisions feel they have been misplaced by their Club following the August Showcase, they should reach out to the EJEPL in order to discuss the issues and come up with possible realignment solutions.

What is the August parity event and how does it work?

The EJEPL uses the August Showcase as BOTH regular season games AND a parity event for all 9U-14U Gold and Silver teams. Teams are matched up with opponents based on Gold or Silver declarations and non-desirable geography (i.e. a team from Maine will match up against a team from Florida, etc.). Teams play their showcase schedule and then based on their results and the results of those in their declared Gold or Silver pod, teams are then placed into Gold 1, Gold 2, Silver 1, or Silver 2 divisions for the rest of the season.

When does a team get their regular season schedule?

All 9U-14U Diamond and all 15U-18U teams will receive their schedule grid in mid-late June. This grid contains all of a team's opponents and how many times they need to play each other. Individual club schedulers connect with each other to determine when and where the games will be played. This allows for each team's schedule to be individually created to fit their team's needs. This schedule is due back to the league in mid-July.

9U-14U Gold and Silver teams will receive their schedule grids in early September following the parity event at the August Showcase. Their schedules are due back to the league in mid-September.

Can a team be a Showcase only team?

We do allow for Guest teams from outside the league to participate in Showcases. With the league's various scheduling options, we work with each Guest team to come up with creative solutions to their scheduling issues to help them try to join the league as full time members, if that is their ultimate goal.

Are there All Star teams in the EJEPL?

Yes. Following the playoffs, an all star nomination form is sent out to all member teams. Coaches nominate players from their own team through this form. Once submitted by the deadline, the league chooses players to be named all stars based on team standings and coaches nominations. A full list of all star players is released by the middle of March.

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