EJEPL Youth Playoff Recap

10U Diamond

10U Diamond started the semi-finals at Ice Palace in Brick, NJ with Greater Springfield Aces taking on the Loudoun Knights and beating them 5-2 behind 2 goals from Travis Sias Jr to move on to the finals. Then the top-seeded Flyers Youth faced off against the Montclair Blues and in a tight game decided by just one goal, the Flyers came out on top 6-5. Dylan Kane and Quinn Dajnowicz both had hat tricks for the Flyers. For the Bronze, the Loudoun Knights outscored and beat the Montclair Blues 9-1. For the championship, the Greater Springfield Aces took down the top seed with a 6-2 win over the Flyers. Luca Abernathy was the MVP in this one for with a hat trick for the champions. Congratulations to Greater Springfield Aces!

10U Futures Gold 1

At Ice Palace in Brick, NJ the 10U Futures Gold 1 Metro Militia and Ridgefield Lions earned a first round bye so they sat tight and waited for the winners of the quarterfinal matchups, Long Beach Lightning vs Capitals Academy and Roanoke Jr Dawgs vs Howard Huskies. Both quarter matchups were close games decided only by one goal, with the Long Beach Lightning winning 2-1 and Roanoke Jr Dawgs advancing with a 4-3 win. A fifth place matchup took place between Capitals Academy and Howard Huskies, where the Howard Huskies got the W earning fifth winning another close one 5-4. And so, the semis were set. First, the Metro Militia battled the Roanoke Jr Dawgs with the Militia holding on to their top spot and defeating the Jr Dawgs 4 -2 with Joey Tronolone scoring 2 in this tilt. And the next semi final was Ridgefield Lions vs the Long Beach Lightning. The Long Beach Lightning came out on top defeating the top seeded Lions 4-2, leaving them to a spot in the bronze game, while the Lightning went on to fight for the championship. Cooper Kessler was the hero with 2 goals. For the Bronze medal game the Ridgefield Lions defeated the Roanoke Jr Dawgs 6-2. For the Championship game - Metro Militia came out blazing against the Long Beach Lightning scoring two goals in each period and held on to their top-seeded position by becoming the division champions. Joey Tronolone was once again a force with 3 goals in the final game. Congratulations to Metro Militia!

10U Futures Gold 2

At Atlantic City Skate Zone 10U Futures Gold 2, top seeded North Park Youth Hockey - Blue 2014 took on the Long Island Gulls, defeating them 6-3 and moving on to the finals, while the Gulls were ready to go for the bronze. Jersey Wolves took on the Delco Phantoms in a hard fought semi-finals game going to overtime with the Wolves netting the game winning goal by Evan Wolfstirin to head to the finals. The Long Island Gulls and the Delco Phantoms faced off for the bronze with the Gulls coming out on top 4 - 2. Next up were the finals, where North Park was fighting to stay on top against the Jersey Wolves and they did with an overtime thrilling win 3-2. Asher Vecsler had the game winner. The final game, decided by just one goal, found North Park the winner and crowned at the top of their division. Congratulations to North Park Youth Hockey - Blue 2014!

10U Futures Silver 1

10U Futures Silver 1 faced off at Iceworks in Aston, PA with two semi-final matchups. The New York Stars defeated the Pelham Pelicans 7-3 and the Nutley Clifton Horse Pirates defeated the Howard Huskies- Stock 3-2. This set the stage for the final games with the Pelham Pelicans battling and ultimately earning the Bronze against the Howard Huskies - Stock 4-1, as the New York Stars took on the Nutley Clifton Horse Pirates for the championship. In a high scoring final game, the New York Stars got the win 7-1. MVP of the final game was clearly Aiden Zamplione with 3 goals in the game. Congratulations to the New York Stars!

10U Futures Silver 2

10U Futures Silver 2 faced off at Iceworks in Aston, PA with two semi-final games to battle for the spots in the bronze and championship matchup. The Secaucus Patriots took on the Atlantic City Sharks, defeating them by 4-1 and booking their ticket to the championship. Arian Kolar had two goals for the Patriots in the winning effort to see who would face the Atlantic City Sharks in the bronze game was Delco Phantoms - Russo vs. Genesis Hockey Club. Delco Phantoms - Russo came out on top 7 -5, earning their ticket to the championship and sending Genesis Hockey Club to the bronze matchup. The Atlantic City Sharks battled Genesis Hockey Club with a close high scoring game leading to overtime and ending with Genesis Hockey Club netting the game winning goal and earning the Bronze. Slater Bramble had 4 goals for Genesis. In the championship game, Secaucus Patriots outscored and beat Delco Phantoms - Russo 7-1, crowning them the division champions. Aiden Van Den Betg had two goals for the Patriots. Congratulations to the Secaucus Patriots!

11U Diamond

11U Diamond saw a best of three matchup in the semi final round with the Princeton Jr Tigers against the Nassau County Lions to see who would face off in the Championship round against Yale Youth Hockey who earned a bye to the finals. Although the Lions took the first game in the semis, the Tigers won the next two making their way to the next round. Princeton then went on to sweep the top-seeded Yale Youth Hockey in two games (both games were 4-2) of a best of three to win the championship. Owen Bertoli had 3 goals in the two games. Congratulations to the Princeton Jr Tigers!

12U Diamond

At Iceworks in Aston, PA, 12U Diamond top seeded Carolina Stars and Howard Huskies earned a quarterfinal bye and waited for their semi-final opponents. Fighting for those semi-final spots were Capitals Academy vs Delco Phantoms and Nassau County Lions vs Woodbridge Wolfpack. The winners of those games, Capitals Academy 1-0 and Nassau County Lions 5-2, went on to the semi-finals, while Delco Phantoms and Woodbridge Wolfpack faced off to determine who earned fifth place. Woodbridge was the winner, scoring 6 goals and defeating Delco 6-3. The semi matchups were next with Nassau County Lions facing top seeded Howard Huskies and Capitals Academy facing top seeded Carolina Stars. The Huskies came out strong and although the Lions tried to battle back, the Huskies maintained their top spot and moved on to the finals by beating the Lions 4-2 who went on to fight for third place. Brayden Taylor had 2 goals for the Huskies. In a 12U Diamond upset, Capitals Academy beat the top seeded Carolina Stars with a 5-1 win and booked their ticket to the championship. Henry Thomas had 2 goals for the winning Capitals. The third place match up saw the Carolina Stars against the Nassau County Lions with the Lions getting the win 3-2 and earning third place in the division. For the championship game, Capitals Academy went to work against the top seeded Huskies and took them down through exceptional scoring and earned the championship crown for the division. Theodor Ehn had a hat trick for the Capitals. Congratulations to Capitals Academy!

12U Futures Gold 1

12U Futures Gold 1 had the top seeds Central Penn Panthers and Yale Youth Hockey with a bye and awaiting their opponents for the semis at Ice Palace in Brick, NY. For the quarter finals, Long Beach Lightning faced the Red Bank Generals and the Ridgefield Lions faced Maine Moose. With the Lightning and Moose taking the wins (2-1 and 6-2 respectively) they moved on to the semis, while the Lions faced the Generals to earn fifth place. In a close game, decided by just one goal, the Red Bank Generals got the win. And so, the semis were set. Maine Moose came out strong, outscoring the top-seeded Central Penn Panthers 10-0, launching themselves to the finals. Max Cornforth was the big contributor with 3 goals. In an upset, Long Beach Lightning took down the top seeded Yale Youth Hockey 4-2 behind Hudson Brenke’s 2 goals. And so the original two top seeds were left to battle for third place, with Yale Youth Hockey shutting out the Panthers for the win 3-0. For the finals matchup, the Long Beach Lightning were set to face the Maine Moose. The Moose continued their hot streak scoring nine goals and ultimately beating the Lightning 9-2 for the championship. Max Conforth and Maddox Lambert combined for 7 goals for the winners. Congratulations to the Maine Moose!

12U Futures Gold 2

At Iceworks in Aston, PA the 12U Futures Gold 2 Long Island Sharks faced the Southern Connecticut Stars and Cranford Youth Hockey faced the Long Island Edge to earn their spots in the bronze and final games respectively. The Long Island Sharks and Cranford Youth Hockey came out on top 3-2 and 3-0 respectively, setting the matchup for the final game, leaving the Connecticut Stars to take on Long Island Edge to battle for third. Long Island Edge took the lead early and held on to finish in third place in the division winning 3-1. Next up, the championship game was set with the Long Island Sharks and Cranford Youth Hockey. Cranford Youth Hockey kept their playoff buzz going and earned a 4-1 win to become the division champions. Luca Tsepouridis had a hat trick for the Cranford Hockey Club. Congratulations to Cranford Youth Hockey!

12U Futures Silver 1

12U Futures Silver 1 saw four quarter final matchups featuring the division’s top eight teams in Atlantic City, NJ. Nutley Clifton Horse Pirates took on and beat the Princeton Jr Tigers - Block 6-2; Atlantic City Sharks took on and beat Maine Moose 4-1; New York Stars took on the Howard Huskies - Ryland and beat them in overtime 6-5; and lastly the Easton Icehawks took on and outscored the Peconic Wildcats - Kessler 8-2 for the win. The Princeton Jr Tigers - Block earned seventh place after a win over the Maine Moose 8-3. Then the Peconic Wildcats - Kessler and Howard Huskies - Ryland went to battle for fifth with a high scoring game tied 7-7 at the end of the third period sending it to overtime where Peconic had the final say and got the win 8-7. For the first semi-final game the New York Stars outscored the Atlantic City Sharks 8-2 and booked their ticket to the finals. Rex Duggan and Michael Carlson were the heroes for the Stars scoring 3 goals each. For the second semi-final game the Nutley Clifton Horse Pirates faced off with the Easton Icehawks where the Icehawks got the win 5-3 and moved on to the finals. New York Stars vs Easton Icehawks was set for the final game and after a battle back and forth, the New York Stars came out on top winning the championship 4-2. Rex Duggan once again filled the net with two more goals. Congratulations to the New York Stars!

12U Futures Silver 2

Four teams were ready but only two would make it to fight for the championship for the 12U Futures Silver 2 division at Middletown Sports Complex in Middletown, NJ. First up - North Park Youth Hockey taking on the Long Island Enforcers. With North Park scoring in each period they took the lead early and came out on top 6-1 propelling them to the championship game. Next up was the Central Penn Panthers battling the Genesis Hockey Club and defeating them with a shutout win 3-0. So the final two: North Park Youth Hockey vs Central Penn Panthers were ready. North Park’s scoring game showed up once again and although Central Penn tried to answer back in the third, North Park got the victory 3-1. Congratulations to North Park Youth Hockey!

13U Diamond

At Iceworks in Aston, PA, 13U Diamond quarterfinal matchups saw Loudoun Knights vs Metro Militia and Long Island Edge vs Wolfpack Hockey Club 13 Pure 2010 AA battle it out to determine the semi-final matchups against the top seeded Genesis Hockey Club and Princenton Jr Tigers who earned a bye. The Loudoun Knights beat Metro Militia 4-1, sending the Knights to the semis and the Militia to the battle for fifth place. The Wolfpack Hockey Club 13 Pure 2010 AA beat Long Island Edge 4-3, sending the Wolfpack to the semis and the Edge to battle for fifth. Although the game was tied after the second period between the Militia and the Edge, the Edge pulled forward scoring 4 goals in the third period and beat the Militia 6-3, earning fifth place in the division. Jake Giordano had 2 goals for the winners. The semis saw two upsets - the first with the Wolfpack Hockey Club 13 Pure 2010 AA beating the top seeded Princeton Jr Tigers 3-1 behind 2 James Fenton goals, sending the Tigers to fight for third while the Wolfpack went on to battle for first. And with the Loudoun Knights beating the top seeded Genesis Hockey Club 3-2, sending the Knights to the finals and Genesis to fight for third. Edward Manninen had the game winning goal for Loudoun. The third place matchup between the two teams who entered the playoffs as the top seeds was set to be a great matchup with Genesis Hockey Club vs the Princenton Jr Tigers. The Tigers goals went unanswered in the first and second period, and although Genesis tried to battle back in the third, they ultimately came up short, with the Tigers earning third place. Tyler Butcher had 2 goals for the winning Tigers. On to the championship game with the Loudoun Knights looking to continue their run against the Wolfpack Hockey Club 13 Pure 2010 AA. And continue they did, although it was tied at 2 after the first period, the Knights pulled ahead scoring 3 unanswered goals, crowning themselves as the champions of the division. Charles Overeem pitched in for the champs with 2 goals. Congratulations to the Loudoun Knights!

14U Diamond

At Iceworks in Aston, PA, 14U Diamond had top-seeded Nassau County Lions and Red Bank Generals with a bye to the semis, waiting for their opponents from the quarterfinals. First up was Reston Raiders who beat Union Thunder 5-2 sending the Thunder to fight for fifth place while the Raiders went to the semis. Next the Loudoun Knights outscored and beat the Genesis Hockey Club 6-3 - 6 different goal scorers for the Knights, sending Genesis to fight for fifth and the Knights on to the semis. In a close battle Union Thunder beat Genesis by one goal 3-2 taking the fifth place spot in the division. On to the semis, first with the Red Bank Generals facing off against the Reston Raiders. The Generals held their top spot and beat the Raiders with a score of 6-3 launching them to the finals. Jack Lemoine and Christian Valenti each had 2 goals for Red Bank. Next was the Nassau County Lions facing Loudoun Knights, where the Lions got a shutout from Patrick Algozzini and were off to the finals. The championship game saw the two top seeds from the division battle it out, the Nassau County Lions vs the Red Bank Generals. The game was a battle that headed to overtime, and at the seven minute mark of overtime, the Red Bank Generals netted the game winning goal to become the champions. Final score was 4-3. Michael Gemellaro had 3 goals in this one including the overtime winner!! Congratulations to the Red Bank Generals!

14U Futures Gold 1

14U Futures Gold 1 Northwest Icehawks and South Westchester Blackhawks earned a first round bye while Long Beach Lightning, Red Bank Generals, Western Connecticut Junior. Colonials, and Ramapo Saints competed to make it to the semis at Iceworks in Aston, PA. With two high scoring games, the Generals beat the Lightning (8-4) and the Saints beat the Jr. Colonials (6-2). This left the Lightning to battle the Jr. Colonials for fifth place. In a hard fought close game the Jr. Colonials needed overtime to ultimately get the win 3-2 on a James Finch overtime goal. For the semis, the Ramapo Saints faced the top-seeded South Westchester Blackhawks and beat them 5-1, sending the Saints to the finals and the Blackhawks to fight for third. Patrick Pariot had 2 goals for the SaintsThe Red Bank Generals faced top-seeded Northwest Icehawks, and the Icehawks kept their top spot beating the Generals 2-1 and moving on to the finals. Josh Shook had the game winner for the Icehawks. For third place, the Red Bank Generals set out to beat the once top seeded South Westchester Blackhawks and they did, getting the win decided by just one goal 5-4. For the championship the Northwest Icehawks hoped to stay on top vs the Ramapo Saints, and in a close game, the Icehawks remained on top and got the win 3-2 on Thomas Heslin game winner late in the 2nd period to become the division champions. Congratulations to the Northwest Icehawks!

14U Futures Gold 2

14U Futures Gold 2 quarterfinals at Iceworks in Aston, PA had the Pelham Pelicans - Murphy take on the Jersey Wolves while Genesis Hockey Club took on the Central Penn Panthers. The Long Island Royals and Maine Moose both earned a bye to the semis. Although the Pelicans got on the board early, the Wolves made a comeback to push the game to overtime and netted the game winning goal by Dylan Regan, his second of the game. The Panthers got the win and a hat trick from Nathan Giblin over Genesis and were set for the semis while Genesis was set to fight for fifth place. The Pelham Pelicans - Murphy came out scoring and beat Genesis 6-2 to earn that fifth place spot. For the semis, the Jersey Wolves faced off with the top-seed Long Island Royals and after a battle with double overtime, the Royals beat the top seed 3-2 and propelled themselves to the finals while the Royals would face off for third place. Justin Anderton with two goals for Jersey. Maine Moose faced the Central Penn Panthers and remained on top, beating them 3-2 and moving on, setting the stage for the Panthers vs the Royals. In the battle for third, the Royals outscored the Panthers 6-3 behind 6 different goal scorers and earned themselves third place in the division. For the championship, Maine Moose and the Jersey Wolves took the ice and after a quiet first and second period, both teams got to scoring in the third, with the Moose pulling ahead with a 3-1 win. Congratulations to Maine Moose!

14U Futures Silver 1

14U Futures Silver 1 had their top eight teams facing off in the quarter finals at Atlantic City Skate Zone in Atlantic City, NJ. Game one saw Ramapo Saints - Wheeler take on the Loudoun Knights getting the win by just one goal. Nick Roberto had the game winner with just 9 seconds left in the 3rd. Game two saw the Baltimore Stars shutout the Genesis Hockey Club with a high scoring 9 goal game. Chase Wehbeg had 5 goals in this one!! Game three had the Southern Connecticut Stars vs Ramapo Saints - Jennings where the Stars scored four goals early and held the lead to get the win 4-1. Game four was the Delco Phantoms - Papa getting the win over the Bowie Bruins 5-2. Loudoun Knights and Genesis Hockey Club faced off for seventh place with the Knights outscoring Genesis to win the game 8-5. Tristan Bean contributed 2 goals for the Knights! For fifth place, the Ramapo Saints - Jennings played the Bowie Bruins and beat them 4-3 in overtime with a Sebastian Javier tally.. Off to the semis the teams went, first with Delco Phantoms - Papa against Ramapo Saints - Wheeler. The Saints showed up with their scoring and beat the Phantoms 7-2 - James Kilgannon had a pair of goals while booking their ticket to the finals. For their opponent, the Baltimore Stars played the Southern Connecticut Stars with the Stars coming out on top 4-1. So the finals were set between the Baltimore Stars and Ramapo Saints - Wheeler, where the Stars shutout the Saints and became the division champions. Kudos to Wyatt Volmerhausen for getting the shutout! Congratulations to the Baltimore Stars!

14U Futures Silver 2

At Middletown Sports Complex in Middletown, NJ the four 14U Futures Silver 2 teams were ready to battle to the top. The division’s top seeded Long Island Enforcers took on the Howard Huskies in the first semis matchup. The Long Island Enforcers showed off their top earned spot by scoring 7 goals and booking it to the championship with a 7-1 win Eugene Sullivan and Patrick Pandolfi chipped in with two goals each. The Jersey Wolves faced the Wilkes Barre Jr Pens seeing the Wilkes Barre Jr Pens win 4-1 behind a two goals performance from Alex Petras and book their ticket to the final game. For third place, the Jersey Wolves and the Howard Huskies battled in a close game that remained tied going into the third period but the Howard Huskies netted the final goal from Chase Harris for the win and earned third place in the division. Would the Long Island Enforcers stay on top and win the division? In the final game vs the Wilkes Barre Jr Pens, they maintained their dominance and scored their way to a 4-1 victory to become champions. Jason Berkenfeld had 2 goals for the champions! Congratulations to the Long Island Enforcers!