EJEPL Youth Playoff Preview

The EJEPL is set to complete its season with the Youth Playoffs taking place February 9-11, 2024. Each team will have to be playing at the top of their game in order to advance to the finals in hopes of being crowned the champions. All teams have played hard all season through 16 games, earning their spot and ready to go in the playoffs.

At Ice Palace in Brick, NJ we will see 3 Champions awarded: 10U Diamond, 10U Futures Gold 1, and 12U Futures Gold 1.

The 10U Diamond semi-final will kick off with top seeded Flyers Youth taking on the Montclair Blues with the next matchup seeing the Greater Springfield Aces take on the Loudoun Knights. 10U Futures Gold 1 see the Metro Militia and Ridgefield Lions earning a first round bye so they will eagerly await the winners of the quarterfinal matchups, Long Beach Lightning vs Capitals Academy and Roanoke Jr Dawgs vs Howard Huskies to set the semi-final stage. 12U Futures Gold 1 have their top seeds earning a bye, Central Penn Panthers and Yale Youth Hockey, so they will sit tight and watch as Long Beach Lightning take on the Red Bank Generals and Ridgefield Lions take on Maine Moose to compete for the semi-final spots.

At Atlantic Skate Zone in Atlantic City, NJ we will see 3 Champions awarded: 10U Futures Gold 2, 12U Futures Silver 1, and 14U Futures Silver 1.

10U Futures Gold 2 will see North Park Youth Hockey - Blue 2014 play the Long Island Gulls and the Delco Phantoms play the Jersey Wolves to advance to the finals.12U Futures Silver 1 will see four quarter final matchups featuring the divisions top eight teams all vying to survive and advance throughout the weekend: Nutley Clifton Horse Pirates, Princeton Jr Tigers - Black, Atlantic City Sharks, Maine Moose, New York Stars, Howard Huskies - Ryland, Easton Icehawks, and PeconicWildcats - Kessler. 14U Futures Silver 1 also have their top eight teams facing off for an action packed playoff weekend with Ramapo Saints - Wheeler, Loudon Knights, Baltimore Stars, Genesis Hockey Club, Southern Connecticut Stars, Ramapo Saints - Jennings, Delco Phantoms - Papa, and Bowie Bruins.

At Iceworks in Aston, PA we will see 9 Champions awarded. This includes 10U Futures Silver 1, 10U Futures Silver 2, 11U Diamond, 12U Diamond, 12U Futures Gold 2, 13U Diamond, 14U Diamond, 14U Futures Gold 1, and 14U Futures Gold 2.

10U Futures Silver 1 semi-final matchups will feature the New York Stars vs Pelham Pelicans and Howard Huskies - Stock vs Nutley Clifton Horse Pirates. 10U Futures Silver 2 will faceoff the semi-finals with the Secaucus Patriots, Atlantic City Sharks , Genesis Hockey Club and Delco Phantoms - Russo. 11U Diamond will see a best of three matchup between Princeton Jr Tigers vs Yale Youth Hockey for the championship.12U Diamond has the top seeded Carolina Stars and Howard Huskies earning a quarterfinal bye and waiting for their semi-final opponents. Fighting for those semi-final spots are Capitals Academy, Delco Phantoms, Nassau County Lions, and Woodbridge Wolfpack. 12U Futures Gold 2 will feature Long Island Sharks, Southern Connecticut Stars, Cranford Youth Hockey, and Long Island Edge all fighting to make it to the finals. 13U Diamond quarterfinal matchups Loudoun Knights vs Metro Militia and Long Island Edge vs Wolfpack Hockey Club 13 Pure 2010 AA will battle it out with the winner from each game facing off against each other to earn their spots in order to play against the top seeded Genesis Hockey Club and Princenton Jr Tigers who earned a bye to the semi-finals.

14U Diamond will follow in the same format with the quarterfinal matchups; Loudoun Knights, Genesis Hockey Club, Union Thunder, and Reston Raiders where the winners from each will advance to the semifinals. Nassau County Lions and Red Bank Generals both earned the top seeded bye and sit tight in their semi-final spots awaiting their opponents. 14U Futures Gold 1 Northwest Icehawks and South Westchester Blackhawks earned the first round bye while Long Beach Lightning, Red Bank Generals, Western Connecticut Jr. Colonials, and Ramapo Saints will compete to make it to the semis.14U Futures Gold 2 Long Island Royals and Maine Moose earned their first round bye while Pelham Pelicans - Murphy, Jersey Wolves, Genesis Hockey Club, and Central Penn Panthers will all play in the quarterfinals.

At Middletown Sports Complex in Middletown, NJ we will see 2 Champions awarded: 12U Futures Silver 2 and 14U Futures Silver 2.

North Park Youth Hockey, Long Island Enforcers, Central Penn Panthers, and Genesis Hockey Club will faceoff in the semi-finals for the 12U Futures Silver 2 Division. And the 14U Futures Silver 2 will feature Long Island Enforces vs Howard Huskies, and Jersey Wolves vs Wilkes Barre Jr Pens competing to earn their spot in the finals.

This weekend is set to be action packed with the matchups set and the teams ready to compete at their highest level to be crowned their EJEPL division’s Champion.