Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League Officiating Development Program

The Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League is pleased to announce the start of the EJEPL Officiating Program. In partnership with Referee’s Crease and with the mission of attracting, retaining, and developing ice hockey officials, the officiating development program is set to launch in May, 2024 and open to anyone in the Atlantic Amateur Hockey Association, New York State Amateur Hockey Association, New England Hockey District, or Massachusetts Hockey District.

The goals and objectives are to increase the officiating pool for the 2024-25 season along with comprehensive classes, games, and evaluations to further officiating development and growth.

The AAHA District Officiating and Massachusetts District Program will also provide training for USA Hockey Officiating Certification, which will allow officials to work during the spring and summer tournaments.

This program will enable newer officials to work with more seasoned and experienced officials and build a solid foundation so all can feel comfortable officiating in the 2024 -25 season.

There is more than just officiating games and compensation for your efforts; officiating will also develop life skills that will help outside of hockey such as leadership skills, communication, managing people, conflict resolution, and more.

For more information, please contact:

Eugene Binda gene@refcrease.com or visit the Referee’s Crease website to register.



Henry Lazar - Commissioner, EJEPL

Eugene Binda - Referee-In-Chief, EJEPL