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The KRACH rating system will be used by the entire EJEPL to rate teams for playoffs. The KRACH system is widely used to rank teams where there is an unbalanced schedule. The way the KRACH works is simple, although the formulas aren’t.  A team’s rating is based on the strength of schedule related to the results of the entire League in all the games played. If a team at the top loses to a team at the bottom, their rating nose-dives and if a bottom team beats a top team, their rating sky-rockets. A team could finish the season with more points than other teams, but because they didn’t beat top opponents, their KRACH may not be in the top point rated teams to qualify for the playoffs. If you Google KRACH, a bigger explanation is there to read through. The KRACH ratings come out weekly starting in Mid- December. 

All Coaches and Team Managers Please check your game schedule and make sure you have all your required games completed before the Playoff Dates for your Division. Make sure your teams results are accurate with wins, loses, ties and over time wins and loses.(Check the playoff tab on the website homepage for your Divisions Playoff Dates)
Any TBD still on your schedule has to be played.


 Krach Ratings 2020-2021 Season

Note:  Some teams have played more games than other teams at this point of the season and this will reflect on the Krach ratings as well as strength of schedule and head to head competition and guest games.

All 2020-21 Full Season & Split Teams
Krach Ratings Will be posted on 
Tuesdays December 29, 2020 - Tuesday January 5, 12, 19, 26, 2021 -Monday  February 1 all after 5pm when Divisions has been completed that day, and any date
after if needed before Playoffs Starting in February 2021

2020 - 2021 EJEPL Season
Krach Ratings

Full & Split season Teams Posting Begins December 29, 2019

Final Krach for each Division will be posted upon completion of games before the weekend of February Playoffs

Position Color Codes

Color Grey = Clinched Playoff Seeding

Color Green = Clinched Playoff Berth

Color Orange = Not Clinched, Pending Outcome of games

Color Coding Positions will start posting on Tuesday January 5

Midget Level:
Diamond, Future & Split Season Divisions - Krach

Diamond Division  - Krach

Future Gold & Silver Division - Krach