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08/30/2017, 12:15pm EDT
By EJEPL Reporter
NEW YORK............ The EJEPL's 6th season got off with bang over the August 25-27th weekend in Philly and Central CT. A total of about (250) teams played about (550) games on (25) ice sheets. "This was a huge undertaking, but we have a great staff, and we had minimal problems throughout the long weekend" stated Commissioner Henry Lazar. The Philly venues of Aston Ice Works, The Pond (DE), The Oaks, Hollydell Ice Arena, Igloo Ice Center, Revolution Ice Gardens & Old York Road and Exton Power Play Rinks all were ready for the weekend and their staffs were incredible. The EJEPL Supervisors at each venue----
Larry Nastasi, Steve Kauffman, Kristen Hurley, Mike Mascaro, Eric Miklich, Wayne Evans, Jeff DeSalvo and Henry Lazar all kept the games moving with almost all the games starting on time. The new icing rule for 14 U and younger had zero effect on the games. There were many OT games also. Opponents were selected at each level so teams would not play teams in their local leagues. A unique feature of the EJEPL will be in showcase # 2, teams will be matched up against teams with the same records insuring close and tough competitive games in the 2nd showcase for all these teams. "5-0 teams will play 5-0 teams and 0-4 teams will play 0-4 teams, allowing for the players to enjoy their showcase experience" stated Vice Commissioner Larry Nastasi. The weather was really good ----cooler and low humidity, important as the ice took a beating in constant use all weekend. The referees did an outstanding job under the guidance of RIC Geno Binda & Mike Schubert. "The officiating was great all weekend, they let us play and they were professional" stated GNY 14 Diamond Head Coach Matt Davie Jr.
Our stat company has almost completed entering all the stats and teams may make corrections using the EJEPL stat correction form. 12 U Diamond Head Coach of the 4-0 Delco Phantoms Stephane Charboneau
stated, "The EJEPL is the most organized League I have seen". Maine Moose owner Ben Gray stated  "There is zero politics or clicks in the EJEPL, all the teams are treated fairly and the same. We know Henry's decisions are fair, honest, and are made for the kids and League's benefit. How refreshing!!!!!".
In the CT venues of Milford Pavilion, Newington, Northford Ice Pavilion, Hamden & West Haven, CT Supervisors Eric Roos & Rick Beckwith also did a fabulous job with the 15-16-18 levels. Midgets are always tougher, but they did a fantastic job. There were many close games and many games that were physical, but kept under control by the referees.
ICE CHIPS.................
Director of Discipline Steve Kauffman has created a Discipline workbook for each division and each team within the division. Steve will keep track of all Misconducts, Majors and suspensions. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and parents. Steve will hand out supplemental discipline for repeat offenders.......................The next showcase will be Sept. 15-17 for the Futures division. RI will be the hub for the 10-12 U Futures Gold and Silver teams. LI will host the 14 U Gold Futures and Hatfield, PA will host the 14 U Silver level. Oct 20-22 in Philly will be the Diamond 9-10-11-12-13-14 U showcase and Brewster / Central CT will host 16/18 Platinum and Diamond levels.......The CT Chiefs will host the Columbus weekend 15 U and split season showcase.........The EJEPL is looking at helping the Midget / College eligible players with summer camps to improve skills and players will work with College Coaches in the recruiting process. More info. moving forward.........Dates to remember--------9-11-12-13-14-15-16-18 Platinum / Diamond playoffs in Philly / Igloo Ice Center -------------Feb 2-4.................All Futures plus 10 Diamond will be Feb 9-11. 10 U will be in RI, Futures will be at Red Bank and Long Beach.........Have a great Labor Day weekend and keep Texas in your prayers.................................

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