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EJEPL Franchise Expansion for 2021-2022

By EJEPL, 01/15/19, 1:00PM EST


NEW YORK.... The EASTERN JUNIOR ELITE PROSPECTS LEAGUE is accepting Franchise expansion applications at the following levels for the 2021-22 season: 9 U-10 U--11 U--12 U--13 U--14 U--15 U--16 U--18 U, Women's and Split Season Conferences. The EJEPL currently has (90) organizations representing (16) states in the USA. The EJEPL Women's Division has 10,12,14 and 16 U levels. The EJEPL also has a boys Split Season Conference for 16 U and 18 U half season teams, and full season teams who want more games. 

The 9 U to 18 U DIAMOND LEVELS are for top teams in an organization. 

The EJEPL also has a FUTURES DIVISION for the (10-12-14-16-U)     levels. The Gold, & Silver divisions are for organizations' (10-12-14U) 2nd /3rd teams at a level and weaker teams. The Futures level will include the same operating guidelines including Playoffs. 

There is a level for every team in your organization.

Highlights of the EJEPL:

  • The EJEPL is not a substitute for what you are currently contracted for, it is a supplement. Teams would still qualify for their National run through their local Leagues
  • (20) Game schedule in the 15,16 & 18 Diamond 1 Divisions
  • (20) Game schedule in the 16--18 U Diamond 2 Divisions
  • (16) Game schedule in the 9-10-11-12-13-14 U Diamond Divisions
  • (16) Game schedule at the Futures Gold, & Silver Levels (10-12-14 U)
  • (20) Game schedule at the (16) Futures level
  • (10) Game schedule for Girls which includes a showcase
  • (10) Game schedule for Split Season 16 & 18 U 
  • Travel friendly    
  • Professional politics....USAH Sanctioned
  • Many League showcases
  • All-Star Tournament for most Diamond Divisions
  • Playoff weekend for all divisions
  • Professional web site updated daily
  • Professional stat entry (14 to 18 U)
  • Low cost ----  League fees are $1650 for 9-10-11-12-13-14 U Divisions and $2600 for the 15-16-18 Divisions
  • Girls fees $1650 a team, split season fees are $1250 a team.
  • Join up with the (90) member organizations --- over (400) teams for the 2020-21 season.

For further information and to apply call League Commissioner Henry Lazar at 718-332-4555, or E-mail at




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