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EJEPL Franchise Expansion for 2019-2020

01/15/2019, 1:00pm EST

NEW YORK.... The EASTERN JUNIOR ELITE PROSPECTS LEAGUE is accepting Franchise expansion applications at the following levels for the 2019-20 season: 9 U-10 U--11 U--12 U--13 U--14 U--15 U--16 U--18 U, Women's and Split Season Conferences. The EJEPL currently has (86) organizations representing (17) states in the USA. The EJEPL Women's Division has 12 U, 14 U and 16 U levels. The EJEPL also has a boys Split Season Conference for 16 U and 18 U half season teams, full season teams who want more games. 

The 9 U to 18 U DIAMOND LEVELS are for top teams in an organization. 

The EJEPL also has a FUTURES DIVISION for the (10-12-14-16-U)     levels. The Gold and Silver divisions are for organizations' 2nd teams and weaker teams. The Futures level will include the same operating guidelines including Playoffs, as the Diamond level in the EJEPL. In 2019, the EJEPL will initiate the "Bronze" level for "B" teams in an Organization. This level will play a (12) game schedule which includes a showcase. 

The EJEPL MADD level for 10-12-and 14 U is our House League Limited travel team program. They will play a (6) game season with playoffs.

There is a level for every team in your organization.

Highlights of the EJEPL:

  • The EJEPL is not a substitute for what you are currently contracted for, it is a supplement. Teams would still qualify for their National run through their local Leagues
  • (20) Game schedule in the 15,16 & 18 Diamond 1 Divisions
  • (20) Game schedule in the 16--18 U Diamond 2 Divisions
  • (16) Game schedule in the 9-10-11-12-13-14 U Diamond Divisions
  • (16) Game schedule at the Futures Gold and Silver Levels (10-12-14 U)
  • (12) Game schedule in the 10-12-14 U Bronze Divisions
  • (20) Game schedule at the (16) Futures level
  • (12) Game schedule for Girls which includes a showcase
  • (10) Game schedule for Split Season 16 & 18 U 
  • ( 6) Game schedule for MADD (10-12-14 U)
  • Travel friendly    
  • Professional politics....USAH Sanctioned
  • Many League showcases
  • All-Star Jamboree for all Diamond level divisions
  • Playoff weekend for all divisions
  • Professional web site updated daily
  • Professional stat entry
  • Low cost ----  League fees are $1650 for 9-10-11-12-13-14 U Divisions and $2600 for the 15-16-18 Divisions.
  • New Bronze level will be $1200. 
  • Girls fees $1650 a team, split season $1250 a team, MADD fees are $500 a team.
  • New organizations also pay a small (1) time initiation fee. 
  • Join up with the (86) member organizations for the 2019-20 season.

For further information and to apply call League Commissioner Henry Lazar at 718-332-4555, or E-mail at




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