December 9, 2020


I would like to first take this time to offer a sincere thank you to the owners, GMs, coaches, players, parents, the staff at each Showcase venue, and the EJEPL staff for their cooperation in executing all 7 of our Showcases this Fall in less-than-ideal circumstances. There were ups and downs, countless issues to deal with, and some hiccups along the way, but everyone pulled together to make sure that we could continue allowing all our players the opportunity to play the game they love in a safe and fun environment. Once again, thanks to everyone for their cooperation and teamwork to pull off these events throughout the first half of the season. 


On a sad note, as of December 15, 2020 Vice Commissioner, Larry Nastasi will no longer be working for the EJEPL. Larry has made the difficult decision to move on to his next venture. Larry has been with the EJELP since its inception. He has countless accomplishments in helping grow the league to where we are today. He has been a vital cog in the administrative machine and has been a trusted adviser to me throughout the years. I want to thank Larry for all his hard work and efforts within the EJEPL and wish him and his family nothing but the best moving forward.

Moving forward, any communication that would normally be sent to Larry, please send to me at

Extending Season / Playoff Dates

The EJEPL is exploring the possibility of extending the regular season. Obviously, with the inconsistency of the ability to play throughout the first half of the season combined with states shutting hockey down at different points or not opening for hockey at all, the league is strongly considering moving the end date of the regular season later in the year. This would also push the EJEPL playoff dates back on the calendar. The EJEPL is considering all factors such as USAH Nationals, local league playoffs, organizational 2021-2022 tryout dates, rink availability, and others while exploring this possibility. More specific communication, and any new dates will be clearly communicated in the early part of 2021. 

New Schedule Grids

We all hope that early in 2021 states begin to open back up allowing hockey. As states start to re-open and announce their new guidelines, the EJEPL will create new schedule grids to make sure that teams can play games and work towards finishing their regular season. If teams are continuing to play games throughout December, please make sure all games are within the mandates, guidelines, and rules of the USAH affiliate and state and local governments. The EJEPL will not allow any games to happen that violate any of the mandates or guidelines that are currently in place. 

February Showcase

If the EJEPL extends the season and pushes the playoffs back, we will use the currently scheduled playoff weekends (2/5/21 – 2/7/21 and 2/19/21 – 2/21/21) for showcase events to assist teams in finishing their regular season schedule. More information regarding these potential showcase weekend will come out when a decision is made about extending the regular season in early 2021. 

The EJEPL would like to take this time to wish all our members and their families a happy and safe holiday season. We wish you all nothing but the best and look forward to 2021 to get back on the ice with all our players. 

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